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Welkom/ Welcome
by Admin User - Tuesday, 18 October 2016, 10:47 AM

This online course requires you to have internet access. Buying or getting hold of a bilingual dictionary of Afrikaans such as Pharos Bilingual Dictionary, Pharos Bilingual School Dictionary or Pharos Basic Afrikaans. Pharos Basic Afrikaans includes the top 1000 words and phrases in Afrikaans. With such a dictionary you will be able to complete (as self-study) the provided crossword puzzles to learn your first words in Afrikaans even before you officially start with the course. You need to be able to upload audio files and make recordings to enroll and you have to complete the course and formal assessment within 20 weeks after enrollment.


After this application (AANSOEK) you can start immediately by:

Listening to the included music texts (MUSIEKTEKSTE) such as the National Anthem of South Africa, the University of the Free State Anthem and Afrikaners is plesierig by Afrikaans rock star, Karen Zoid.

ONLY after you have completed the application, ordered and received your own Afrikaans bilingual dictionary and listened to the three suggested music files and familiarised yourself with the above course outline do we advise you that you register and pay (REGISTREER en BETAAL) for the selected course. After your payment is received the course material will then be available for only 20 weeks to give you time to do the online work before the final formal assessment - also within 20 weeks after registration (not application).

You are allowed to register and pay (REGISTREER en BETAAL) by completing and submitting (INDIEN) your details. You will receive a notification that the course has started and your 20 week countdown has begun.

B) Course work: The course is structured in such a way as to give students a broad overview of Afrikaans as foreign language within 20 weeks.